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Interviewer and Field Investigator Cherylann Sinski

A highly promising Field Investigator and Lead Interviewer within The Independent Paranormal Society, Cherylann Sinski is one of the veteran investigators on our team.

Born and raised here in Grand Junction,CO. She not only knows the area and it's stories well, but has had numerous subjective experiences with the paranormal. Her experiences started as early as 9 yrs old and have continued throughout her adolescence.

A fan of The Atlantic Paranormal Societies show "Ghosthunters", Cherylann has picked up on the perfect mindset for the paranormal investigator. Combining the quest for the truth with the journalistic skills needed to become a great investigator.

She has become one of the backbones of our organization and continues to impress us with her dedication and love of the work.

As The lead Interviewer, her job entails not only being compassionate to our clients problems but knowing the correct questions to ask for our records. She knows how to talk to people and make them feel assured that we will help them with the situation, as well as knowing how important personal interviews are to the investigation procedure.